April 11, 2007


falling down
raising high
the hands that hurt
are the hands that rise

April 8, 2007


When a soul is dark, dismal, diseased
Is there saving the life of the being its seized

Are you capable of changing the soul within
If the soul is controling the being with sin

If a life can be saved from pills on a shelf
Can the life save the soul from destroying itself

The answers are there but may never be found
If the noise from others is the only sound

you can save a life from slaying itself
but never a soul...unless saving yourself

April 1, 2007


the voices are distant
but presence is near
familiar yet strangers
their eyes how they sear
like lasers that burn
right through the skin
destroying protection
of what lies within
the pain of discovery
worse than the find
yet it no longer matters
it's been lost in the mind

January 1, 2007

The Truth Inside

the truth is always in us
lying deep inside our hearts
Our mind makes the choice
whether to listen to that part
if never we hear the answers
that inside we know are true
will our mind forget we know
that the lies are really new

the wonder's always there
it will last until we die
taroh cards or karma
or stars up in the sky
still we know the truth
always known it deep inside
forever those around us
live nothing else but lies

someday we may live
our life free from this
but what we're living now
sorely will be missed
poor choices we have made
yet love makes it hard to leave
but honest love will come
never to ask "should i believe"

January 14, 2006

One Day

one day
you'll wonder where life has gone
one day
you'll ask forgiveness from those wronged
one day
your spirit will be destroyed
one day
you'll need the hearts you toyed
one day
you'll see your soul is black as night
one day
you'll realize it needed light
one day
you'll find your heart is frozen
one day
you'll regret the path you've chosen
one day
you'll find your body weak
one day
forgiveness is what you'll seek
one day
your lies will cause you pain
one day
your eyes will show the shame
one day
you'll be left an empty shell
one day
you're life's a living hell
one day...

December 12, 2005


carefully down off the shelf
leaving only an empty space
layed in spot and molded on
its just another face

in the mirror its checked again
all adjustments done
now its time to face the world
in the ever telling sun

walking along with nothing but hope
that the world may never see
that under the mask carefully placed
is really only me

hidding deep, fear covered
keeping all of you blind
never will you really know
what's deep inside my mind

walk with me and talk with me
smile and wish me well
never will you know
my ever present hell

almost through the day now
secret never seen
walking through the door
to finish the regime

the chosen mask removed
and all that remains
the person who is hidden
bound tightly in my chains

September 9, 2005

And The Weak Grow Strong

first the begging and pleading makes you strong
it gives you control when you are wronged
then when you worry the healings begun
you check to be sure that the sorrows still sung
if its still there you offer a spark
just enough hope to leave a mark
being alone the biggest fear
you feed off that knowledge tear for tear
drop after drop the tears still fell
giving you strength filling your well
you give enough time than dangle your wares
you look for the power you hope will be there
always before this game you play
seemed to give you the ultimate say
what happens now if strength has been found
its always said that the earth is round
you should have known the day would come
when this little game is no longer fun
the footsteps away may be all that you hear
getting softer and softer...then disappear