September 9, 2005

And The Weak Grow Strong

first the begging and pleading makes you strong
it gives you control when you are wronged
then when you worry the healings begun
you check to be sure that the sorrows still sung
if its still there you offer a spark
just enough hope to leave a mark
being alone the biggest fear
you feed off that knowledge tear for tear
drop after drop the tears still fell
giving you strength filling your well
you give enough time than dangle your wares
you look for the power you hope will be there
always before this game you play
seemed to give you the ultimate say
what happens now if strength has been found
its always said that the earth is round
you should have known the day would come
when this little game is no longer fun
the footsteps away may be all that you hear
getting softer and softer...then disappear

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